Tiny Table About

Tiny Table is a brand new guide dedicated to family-friendly dining in London and across the UK founded by Nicola Wilson.

Tiny Table – Our Values & Story
The values underpinning Tiny Table are simple – to inspire, to delight and to unite parents who long for fuss-free dining with their little ones.

Tiny Table was born out of the need to feed, not only the hungry and bleary eyed mamas and papas but the entire family.  After six months on maternity leave, Mummy monotony had set in – tired of heading to the same cafes where buggy balancing and coffee swigging was the order of the day. Chatting to fellow parent pals, it was evident that we were all in the same predicament and longed for a solution to seek out something new.

From new openings across the capital to local hidden gems, each family-friendly eatery recommended has been visited by the Tiny Table family offering an honest helping hand for parents seeking out something new.

Contact Tiny Table for content contributions, collaborations or just to say hi – we always love hearing from you. Please contact us on tinytablelondon@gmail.com or drop us a DM on our socials…

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About Tiny Table Founder – Nicola Wilson

Nicola Wilson has spent the past 15 years working in digital for a string of London’s high-profile brands including Jamie Oliver, Capital FM, KISS FM and Magic FM.  Born in North London and now based in St Albans, she is a keen foodie and first time mum. With a mission to make eating out with families inclusive, delicious and accessible through Tiny Table, Nicola is ready to champion change in the way we discover family-friendly restaurants and how we eat out with our kids. Join Nicola and thousands of like-minded mums online and across social media, to discover fuss-free family food.

Partnerships and Pals of Tiny Table
We’ve worked with some inspirational brands, restaurants, foodies and mega mamas over the past two years and can’t wait to grow the Tiny Table family. Partners we have worked with on Tiny Table to date include…


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