Laura Matthew’s Speedy Midweek Breakfast Ideas

If your morning consists of clock watching in a frantic bid to get your mini ones fed, watered and dressed for school, you’re not alone! Registered Nutritionist Laura Matthews is back again to share a host of midweek breakfast ideas which are speedy, nutritious and will feed the whole family when time is of the essence. 

Breakfast should ideally contain each of the following elements:

  • A portion of starchy carbs, e.g. porridge oats, weetabix, bread (use wholewheat options where you can).
  • Aim for your little one to have 3 portions of dairy food per day; yoghurt, milk & cheese all count & it’s easier to meet this by getting in at least one portion at breakfast
  • Provide 1 portion of fruit or vegetables at breakfast each day. Whether using frozen, tinned or fresh, they all count towards their F&V intake
  • Protein food such as eggs, beans, nuts, meat & fish are a useful source of iron & zinc & can be provided as part of breakfast

The quick breakfast ideas below tick all the right nutrition boxes and are some of our household favourites: 

  • Scrambled eggs with a wholemeal bagel, chopped tomatoes & a glass of milk
  • Crumpets with peanut butter, sliced banana & a pinch of cinnamon with a glass of milk 
  • Reduced salt & sugar baked beans on wholemeal seeded toast with grated cheese
  • Pancakes – I often make pancakes at the weekend & freeze any leftover cooked pancakes. They can then be both defrosted & warmed up quickly in the microwave. We are a fan of both fruit and savoury pancakes, so think blueberry, spinach or squash pancakes
  • Breakfast cereal – They can be a quick & nutritious option; Weetabix & mini shredded wheat are some of Elliott’s favourites & are low in salt & sugar & high in fibre. Just serve with milk and fruit to make a balanced breakfast
  • Porridge oats or Ready Brek (90 seconds in the microwave!) made with milk & served with nut butter & fruit. Stewed fruit with apples, berries, cherries & cinnamon is popular in our house (I batch cook this often on a Sunday to keep us going during the week!), but use whatever you have. Tinned fruit (in juice, not syrup) is always handy to keep in the house for when you don’t have fresh produce

If you’d love to explore more fascinating food tips for your family from Laura, be sure to explore her website and follow her and her son Elliot on their delicious adventures on Instagram.

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