The Together Table LIVE: Weaning Tips & Allergy Advice from Little Tummy

The world of weaning can be a minefield and one that often crops up with mums around The Together Table. From flavours and textures to techniques and food safety, introducing solids to your little one can throw up a host of questions.

Little Tummy is a new organic baby meal delivery service and was founded by Nadine Hellman and Dr Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani. Understanding that parents have plenty on their plates already without having to worry about what is in their baby’s bowl, Little Tummy set out to empower parents with a new way to feed their little ones. Delivered straight to your door, Little Tummy offer a selection of fresh, cold-pressure protected meals developed by Sophie bursting with flavour and texture.

We were privileged to be joined by paediatrician Dr Sophie for an exclusive weaning workshop around The Together Table LIVE on Tuesday 6th May and she shared a wealth of valuable weaning tips, tricks and allergy advice. If you missed us live, you can check out a taste of what Sophie shared with her handy weaning guide below…

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Little Tummy

About Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani
Having trained at University Hospitals in Munich, Harvard and Bern, Sophie has spent the last 3 years working in the NHS and at a private paediatric practice. Having helped lots of families on their weaning journey, she felt there should be more help and support on hand for these parents. Knowing what an immense impact first foods have on her little patients’ development, she became the Co-Founder of Little Tummy. Using a cold-pressure-method which is known as high-pressure-processing, or HPP, Sophie and Nadine ensure each Little Tummy meal retains essential vitamins, textures and flavours from fresh ingredients. Plus, all of Little Tummy’s plastic pots 100% recyclable, as well as BPA and aluminium free. Discover more about Little Tummy here.

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