Double Dutch’s Spring Cocktails To Mix At Home

Raised in the Netherlands, Double Dutch’s twin sister founders, Joyce and Raissa, have a natural affinity with superlative drinks and excellent blendings. After all, they come from the birthplace of gin! But their love affair turned to frustration. While the world’s choice of spirits has continued to grow, mixers and sodas have remained bland … less of a twin, more of a shadow. Double Dutch is the result of this love affair – uniting great spirits with complementary mixers that enliven and enhance.

If you’re looking to amp up cocktail o’clock, check out Double Dutch’s array of refreshing and flavoursome Spring cocktail recipes to try at home…

Holidays in Acapulco 
50ml Ocho Tequila
10ml Campari
15ml lime juice
A pinch of salt 
Top with: Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil 
Garnish: Rosemary sprig and orange slice 

New York State of Mind 
50ml Mitchers Bourbon
15ml lemon juice
10ml agave syrup 
Top with: Double Dutch Ginger Beer 
Garnish: Horse neck 

Ain’t No Saint 
30ml grape juice
20ml elderflower cordial 
Top with: Double Dutch Watermelon & Cucumber 
Garnish: Lemon wheel, lemon zest and mint sprig 

Make Me Bold 
25ml Ilegal Mezcal
25ml Aperol
Top with: 80ml Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water 
Garnish: Mint sprig, slice of lime and orange 

Russian Summer 
50ml vodka
125ml Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil
3 cracks of red pepper 
Garnish: 3 fresh basil leaves 

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