Sustainable Shopping Picks with Plastic Freedom’s Beth Noy

From parcel packaging to take-away food containers, tots toys to cleaning essentials, keeping sustainable and embracing plastic-free practices in self isolation can often be tricky. As lockdown continues and delivery services our lifeline right now, we’ve teamed up with founder of Plastic Freedom, Beth Noy, to share savvy shopping swaps to help minimise waste and discover how family-life without plastic is possible.

Plastic Freedom was established in 2018 by Southport-based Beth Noy, following her constant frustration at purchasing products that contained plastics when she wasn’t expecting it, which arrived in plastic packaging. Taking matters into her own hands (and pledging never to buy a plastic bottle again) Beth began to search-out the best of the plastic-free products on the market, bringing them together in a single online shop; presenting plastic-free consumer with a diverse, inspiring and good value choice of products – suitable for a range of uses and occasions. Everything sold on Plastic Freedom has been sourced from companies who share the same ethos and every product has full transparency, ensuring every step of the supply-chain and delivery process is as plastic-free as the product itself.


Sustainable Snacks & Lockdown Larder Essentials
Two Farmers Crisps: Now the pre-holiday detox is off the cards, enjoy this generous tin of gluten-free snacks from Two Farmers Crisps. Made using potatoes grown and packed using renewable energy from a Herefordshire farm, each delivery is dropped to Plastic Freedom HQ on a wooden palette secured with paper tape. The crisps are lightly seasoned with Doitwich Salt, harvested by hand from natural springs and crystallised using renewable energy. 

Raw Halo Chocolate: This comes in paper and foil plus it’s seriously my new fave chocoalte EVER! Plus it’s vegan!

Vegan Mayo: Hunter & Gather do an incredible vegan mayo as well as some flavoured non-vegan options which are all sublime.

Salt & Coconut Oil: We have loads of salt & coconut oil from Maters & Co which comes in mini sizes too! Tip – if you suffer from chaffing when running like myself then the mini coconut oil is perfect for applying on the go!

Vitamins: We now have loads of vitamins and supplements from Wild Nutrition that come in glass, Vegums that come in compostable packaging and Vivo Life that come in glass. These guys do everything from vegan protein powders to Matcha and B12 all in home compostable packaging and glass.

Raw Being Powder: Keep the germs and bugs at bay with this 100% Organic Baobab Powder, packed with vitamin C, potassium, fibre, magnesium and calcium – and which also comes in a plastic free pot.  Baobab Powder is derived from the fruit of the baobab tree, known as ‘The Tree of Life’ which is native to Africa.  Mix with water and take on those long, lonely runs, as a great way to replenish electrolytes, but also in smoothies, salads, for baking and more.

Cleaning Products
Re-fill hand soap & cleaning spray
As we are now washing our hands more than even before, REFILL provides refillable systems for household cleaning products, including hand soap dispensers and bottles for cleaning spray. Send your empty bottles back to Plastic Freedom HQ, who will replenish (wearing gloves) and post straight back to your door. Completely vegan and biodegradable, Plastic Freedom is proud to be the only REFILL online stockist.

Keep Calm & Sleep Well
Essential Oils 
Keep calm and carry on with Bio Scents essential oils. Free from artificial fragrances and colorants, each oil is created with organically harvested ingredients. Founded in the South of Portugal, Bio Scent scents support a healthy body, mind and spirit and bring a calming aroma to the home. Scents include Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Organic Peppermint and Lavender. 

Wind down whilst working from home with these plastic free Candles from the Self Care Co. Scented with Lavender and Cedarwood, the aromas are an antidote for tired minds. For every candle purchased, Plastic Freedom and the Self Care Co. will plant a total of three trees, in partnership with One Tree Planted. Total burn time is 60 hours and the candles are made with 100% natural soy wax. 

Karma Balm
Aid sleep, whilst calming and soothing the senses with The Coconut Bee Karma Balm. Made in Cornwall, the balm contains an organic blend of oils including Evening Primrose, Lavender, Clary Sage and Bergamot, Karma Blam. It works through application to the wrists and temples and is proven to reduce anxiety and insomnia. 

Bathroom & Beauty Buys
Facial Rounds
I’ve said it so many times you’re probably sick of hearing it but changing from disposable makeup wipes to reusable ones will change your skin When you buy single use makeup wipes – you buy them in plastic packaging, the wipes themselves can be made with some sort of plastic fiber too, you use the contents and throw away after each use, then throw away the packaging and repeat every time you run out. You buy these ONCE made out of 100% cotton flannel material and then wash after each use. You repeat this for years! 

Self-Care Sanctuary
Bean cushions
If you’re sick of sharing the sofa , then self-isolate sustainably and in extra comfort with the world’s BioFoam® bean bags from The Bean Bag Company, filled with compostable biopolymer beads made from plants. This is an eco-alternative to the typically used styrofoam, which frequently winds up in landfill sites and is ingested by wildlife. Threads are manufactured with recycled plastic bottles and material can be repurposed or recycled. 

As journaling has been proven to alleviate feelings of stress and help to organise thoughts during turbulent times, this recyclable notepad made by British textile designer and printmaker Helen Round will keep your scribing sustainably. With a design inspired by flora and fauna, the cover is hand printed on the highest quality linen using traditional screen printing techniques from Helen’s studio in Cornwall. 

Get 10% off across all Plastic Freedom orders with the code STAYSTRONG10. Plus, if you’re looking to put together a plastic-freecare package for a loved one, you can include a hand-written note with your order.


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