Spot Loneliness with Tiny Table’s The Together Table

Help us break the silence around loneliness in motherhood. Spot Loneliness this Sunday 23rd February and together we can make motherhood a less lonely place...

Feeling lonely mama? Well it looks like you’re not alone.

There’s a host of research out there quantifying loneliness amongst new mums, whether it be a 2017 Channel Mum study indicating more than 90% of mums in the UK admitting to feeling lonely since having children or Action for Children‘s poll of 2,000 parents revealing ‘half of them had experienced problems with loneliness since becoming a parent’.

The numbers may be staggering but what’s even more shocking is the silence that surrounds loneliness in motherhood. The Duchess of Cambridge candidly revealed only last week about how motherhood left her ‘isolated’ when Price George was a baby – a truth that has taken her nearly six years to surface. But how many of us as new mums will openly reveal our feelings of isolation?

With 61% of new mums trying to hide their feelings from friends and family and just 38% having ever told their partner how they really feel*, what is it holding us back? Embarrassment? The difficulties in defining what loneliness feels like? The challenges surrounding meeting new mum friends – time, cost, confidence?

The latter was one of the key factors in creating The Together Table, alongside personal experience of feeling lonely as a new mum and wider research. By providing a safe and welcoming space in neighbourhoods across London and Hertfordshire, we’re driving change around the conversation of loneliness in motherhood. Through talk and togetherness, we have connected over 350 new mums in less than a year, however, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to breaking silence around loneliness in motherhood


As part of The Together Table initiative, this Sunday 23rd February we’re asking you to help us Spot Loneliness. If you’ve ever encountered feelings of loneliness in parenthood but haven’t shared these with family and friends, we want you to post our pink spot alongside the hashtag #spotloneliness on your social media. We hope that by everyone sharing this one pink spot, we can join the dots and bring together new mums in a bid to make motherhood a less lonely place.

By following these simple two steps you can help us Spot Loneliness and help break the silence around loneliness in motherhood…
1. Copy and save the pink spot to your camera roll / desktop.
2. On Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – post our pink spot, tag @tinytableofficial and comment with the hashtag #spotloneliness

For more information about The Together Table and to find out how you can meet mums in your neighbourhood – click here.

* poll.


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