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We adore Chanukah, not only is it customary to eat foods made with cheese but also fried in oil. Commemorating the miracle of one night of oil lasting for eight, a customary festival treat is the ‘Sufganiyah’ – a fried, pillowy doughnut filled with oozy, sweet raspberry jam. If you’re celebrating eight days of gifting and pure gastronomic greatness with the family from this Sunday 22nd December – chag Chanukah sameach. Inspired by this ubiquitous Chanukah treat, we’re gifting you our favourite doughnut spots in and around London the family will go ‘nuts for…

Bread Ahead
Bread Ahead was founded by Matthew Jones in 2013, who has been in the business and making bread for over 25 years. His mission is to bring quality baking to the masses. From the classics – chocolate, vanilla cream and raspberry jam to seasonal sweetness, think panettone, pistachio and raspberry cheesecake, Bread Ahead’s famous pillowy doughnuts are not only pretty as picture but utterly delicious. If one is just not enough, why not master their secrets by jumping onto their doughnut making workshops, available at both Borough Market and their newest opening in the hear of Wembley.  You will be guided through the process of making doughnuts from start to finish and will leave with ‘custard grenades’ you’ve produced yourself!

From Leather Lane to now London-wide, Crosstown have come leaps and bounds since opening their bakery back in 2014. The original sourdough doughnut, Crosstown not only hand roll each and every doughnut but make all of their jams, compotes, fillings, glazes and toppings in-house daily. Rainbow bright, Crosstown’s boxes of crowd favourites always go down a treat, we always make a beeline for the peanut butter and blackcurrant compote – a salty, sweet delight. Be it Chamomile, Pear & Lemon Olive Oil, Black Forest Cake or Winter Fruit Crumble, Crosstown’s seasonal flavours are always to be savoured. Plus, hailed as the Best Vegan Doughnuts of 2018, plant-based ingredients such as chia seeds and coconut butter, dairy-free dark chocolate and silken tofu ensure each bite is as satisfying as their originals. Don’t miss the Limited Edition Chanukah box – fresh raspberry home style jam from scratch, rolled in caster sugar and dipped in sweet, freeze-dried raspberries to seal in the jammy goodness.

Dominique Ansel
From New York to London, crowds clamour for Dominique Ansel’s Cronut – a hybrid of the classic French croissant and humble doughnut. After its launch in May 2013, it became the most virally talked about dessert item in history, including being deemed by TIME Magazine as one of the best inventions of the year. From page to plate, Monsieur Ansel keeps his fans tantalised by releasing monthly Cronuts, tapping into seasonal flavours and ingredients. December sees a little festive fancy with the Milk Chocolate and Creamy Pannetone Ganache Cronut. Filled with milk chocolate ganache made from Valrhona’s Biskelia 34% and Satilia 35% chocolates, and creamy pannetone ganache…heavenly. 

Doughnut Time
What’s the time Mister Wolf?  It’s Doughnut Time! Starting life as hole-in-the-wall doughnut store in Australia, Doughnut Time has spread it’s glazed wings worldwide. We often pass their stands at stations across London and in true Homer Simpson style…droooool! Probably the most decadent doughnuts in the capital, think more is more at Doughnut Time and the natty names are a hoot. Chocoholics will go ’nuts for the Donutella Versace – a Nutella-filled doughnut with chocolate glaze, Kit-Kat, Oreo, chocolate brownie pieces, chocolate flake, sprinkles, and a golden caramel Freddo!  Paying homage to This Morning, why not sink your teeth into a red velvet Holly Willoughby adorned with vegan buttercream and edible holly or the Philip Snowfield, a sweet-as-they-come white chocolate glaze, topped with white chocolate curls, Milkybar and edible glitter.

Ruby’s Of London
Born out of a childhood love for baking and growing up with a dairy and egg intolerance, Ruby Amarteifio wanted to turn plant-based baking on it’s head. Banishing the boring beige, Ruby set about creating baked goods so beautiful it’s easy to see why she has notched up a string of awards. From berry swirl to summer garden, Ruby’s Of London doughnuts are masterpieces for the mouth! Vanilla baked doughnuts coated in the finest white and organic dark chocolate are hand-finished with rainbow rose petals, sugared lavender, freshly made fruit compote swirls and frieze dried fruit. Take a trip to Greenwich Market to sample her array of doughnuts and for Christmas, be sure to take home a box of the Chai Spiced Hazelnut Donuts. ⁠

Rinkoff Bakery
No Chanukah doughnut roundup would be complete without a nod to Rinkoff’s. Established in 1911 by Hyman Rinkoff, the family run business based in the heart of London’s East End, have been producing speciality bread, cakes and rolls for over 100 years. Whether it be sweet and egg rich challah breads, danish pastries or doughy bagels or most recently their famous Crodoughs, their inimitable Jewish charm and traditional baking sees fans travel across London for their baked goods. Whilst their Croudough may be our second croissant cum doughnut mention in this roundup, trust us, their worth a nod. Frying their croissant pastry to achieve height, crunch and texture, they’re the filled to the hilt! A little bit fairground, a smidge Sunday tea at Nana’s the Toffee Apple Crumble Crodough is divine. Always as a hit with the kids – the S’more sees a heavenly Nutella paste injected through the layers of the crodough and whipped into a frenzy with marshmallow fluff on top…parent please note, the sugar rush will be imminent!

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