Best of Table Talk: The Early Bird Catches Coffee At…

In celebration of International Coffee Day, we’ve compiled a host of heavenly coffee hotspots recommended by ten of our Table Talk guests. So if you fancy an A-list cup of joe, just take a peek below for some cracking family-friendly recommendations…

Baby Spinach on Streatham High Road (part of Yoga Rise). It is really bright, fresh and friendly with good coffee – and loads of amazing healthy juices and smoothies too, ideal when you’re trying to conceive and on a fertility friendly diet (you might be avoiding caffeine!).
Alice Rose, Fertility campaigner

Gail’s Bakery Portobello as I can run errands at the same time. I am often in and around the Portobello road, dragging lots of shopping and trying to juggle everything.
Miriam Cooper, Mimi’s Bowl

The Dayrooms near Portobello Road or Milk Beach in Queens Park. Two of our favourite places for a flat white!
Poppy Woodcock, Founder of The Munch Brunch Kids

We live in Lower Clapton, Hackney and there are heaps of early bird spots near us.  With a baby, it’s all about places that open 7-8am-ish! Doree a little French bakery on Chatworth Road is a favourite.  I really remember having a brioche from there brought to me in bed after giving birth…post birth hunger heaven! We also like Pavilion in Victoria Park for coffee & playground action and the E5 Bakehouse – the garden at the back is great for kids to run around and the food is banging.
Alex Hoffler, Founder of The Meringue Girls

Monmouth Coffee in Borough Market – great open plan sitting areas to get the mini push chair through and my little one loves the jam and croissants they serve.
Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, Masterchef champion 2017 and author

You can’t beat Esters in Stoke Newington
Jessie Ware, Singer, podcaster and Anyware co-founder

Cable Café in Oval. It’s a favourite Saturday morning destination – combined with a visit to Oval farmers market. They have their own bakery (Cable Bakery) and make excellent coffee using organic beans. The style of the place is very romantic and they host a jazz night every Tuesday.
Alex Hayes, Founder of Harris & Hayes

KHP Coffee on Newington Green – it’s a parent and neighbourhood coffee spot. It’s tiny but makes an awesome brew along with addictive salted caramel brownies that happen to be gluten free.
Bettina Campolucci Bordi, chef, author and founder of Bettina’s Kitchen

Karma Bakery, South End green in Hampstead. Particularly if you like your coffee accompanied by a cinnamon bun the size of your face which, let’s be honest, we all do.
Michelle Kennedy, Founder of Peanut

I love Climpsons on Broadway Market in Hackney, or Le Bouche. Amazing croissants as well as very good coffee.
Annie Ridout, Author of The Freelance Mum

640 East, Canary Wharf – these guys do a great job!
Laura Harper-Hinton, Co-founder of Caravan

My son and I usually do the school run on foot and him on a scooter so to encourage him we get a croissant and coffee on the way back. Daylesford Farmshop and Cafe on Pimlico Green is one of the first we reach so depends how desperate he is! They are very child friendly and very little bothers the fabulous staff. The coffee is strong, hot and fluffy…my three ticks.
Tamara Beckwith

St David’s Coffee House in Forest Hill, where they also serve wonderful brunches…I do wish they’d serve decaf though. I love the corn cakes, and ricotta and figs on toast.
Rebecca Seal, Journalist, TV presenter and author 

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