Plastic-Free Parenting with Plastic Freedom’s Beth Noy

Beth Noy Plastic FreedomFrom baby bottles to kids comics, the amount of plastic we consume as families is colossal. With high-street retailers such as Waitrose embracing refill stations and mamas like the inspirational Emma Ross of Mamalina sharing the virtues of being a plastic-free parent, making the move to reduce plastic usage can seem utterly daunting. If you, like us, are looking to embrace zero waste and find out how family-life without plastic is possible, we’ve found just the person to start us on our journey – meet Beth Noy. 

Founder of Plastic Freedom, an ingenious online emporium stocked with plastic-free products, Beth shares a myriad of cult plastic-free products she couldn’t live without. From bathroom to baby’s room, food stuffs to fair-trade fashion, Plastic Freedom even gives back to the planet but plantings tree for every order made.

So if you’d love to set foot on the first rung of the plastic-free ladder but don’t know where to begin, let Beth guide you through with her savvy swaps and family must-buys…

1. Beth, how did your journey into a plastic-free life begin?
Simply by deciding to never buy another plastic bottle again! I asked for a reusable water bottle for my birthday and it’s still with my everywhere I go today. By making one small change it literally changed my life and began my journey to Plastic Freedom.

2. How did Plastic Freedom begin?
It was very time consuming for me to make plastic free changes when I started going plastic free. The research into products and brands was lengthy (because no one was really talking about plastic free or making it a priority) so I realised that if I was struggling, there must be others out there struggling too.

That’s when I decided to start Plastic Freedom to make going plastic free easy and a one stop shop for everything I loved. I realised that people were more than happy to make changes if it was fun, easy to do and didn’t require them going out of the way to do it.

The idea was if I could make Plastic Freedom a place people would want to shop, even if they weren’t on a plastic free journey or not, I could reduce a LOT of plastic from every single item sold on my site, which is a win for the plastic crisis we are in.

3. Plastic Freedom is a brilliant space for families to shop and live sustainably, what 5 items from the shop can you not live without daily?
My reusable water bottle, bamboo toothbrush, veggie/bread bags for shopping, lunchbox for everything from leftovers to eating on the go and Beauty Kubes shampoo.

Plastic Freedom4. We’d love to know your top tips for families looking to ditch the plastic – what are the easiest swaps you can make to start your journey to Plastic Freedom?
Getting all the kids a reusable bottle and teaching them why you are using them, my sister’s kids LOVE theirs and know that they are saving the fishies! Also making sure you have reusable wooden cutlery and straws with you all the time will save SO much waste when you’re out and about.

5. Shopping & eating on-the-go plastic free can be tough, what are your top tips?
Just always have your reusables with you – veggie and bread bags are the BEST thing for when you’re out shopping as most places do have fresh stuff available that isn’t in plastic. You can actually save money by only buying what you really need rather than being sucked in by the bulk buy offers that come wrapped in plastic.

When eating on the go always have a reusable tub and cup with you. Most places are more than happy to put food into your own containers as it actually saves them money because they aren’t having to give you a container. It starts some awesome conversations too.

6. Your Baba & Boo reusable nappies are brilliant idea for new mums, can you tell us more about this zero waste change mothers can make when bringing a little one onto this beautiful planet?
Reusable nappies are SUCH a good swap for so many reasons. The amount of single use nappies used in a year of a babies life is unbelievable, especially because they contain plastic, can’t break down and are thrown straight into landfill.

Reusable nappies cut down on an enormous amount of waste, they are super soft, look amazing and will save new mums and dads A LOT of money. Reusable nappies are not something new, we’ve just moved into a throw-away lifestyle rather than buying once, to reuse and last, these are now making a come back and those that have made the switch will rave all day about why they are so good!

7. We loved your plastic-free travel guides for families jetting off on holiday are there plans they can make to minimise the amount of plastic they pack?
If you pack plastic free and take what you need, there will be no waste when you’re over there. I know so many people who take things on holiday, or buy when out there and throw away before they come home. Switching to low waste items like shampoo bars and body soaps you take up a minimal amount of room and weight in your case.

Make sure you also have your reusable water bottles with you and check the local area to see if the tap water is safe to drink. Most hotels will offer free drinking water where you can fill up your water bottle before you head out for the day.

8. With only a few months until Christmas from crackers to tree decorations, how do we succeed at plastic-free festivities?
You can make your own crackers out of toilet roll tubes and tissue paper (check out Who Gives A Crap) so it’s fun for the family to get involved making them too. You can always pick up amazing second hand decorations on Facebook buy swap sell or Ebay. There are so many plastic items already made on this planet, if we can give them another use even if they are plastic, I think that’s the best option!


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