Tiny Table Summer Guide 2019: ONIST Frozen Fruit Cups

onsit frozen fruit cupsWith the summer holidays in full swing and temperatures set to soar, we’ve teamed up with our pals at ONIST to bring you a frozen fancy which is not only packed with healthy ingredients but fit for the whole family.

ONIST was founded by registered nutritionist Mary Lynch. Mary previously worked for Jamie Oliver as a senior nutritionist and after leaving, studying food policy and working in the industry she became frustrated with the lies in the industry, all the way from farm to fork. She made it her mission to debunk the myths that healthy food has to be complicated, expensive, dull or inedible. Using just avocados, dates, cashew nuts, cocoa and water, Mary and her team crafted ONIST – indulgent yet virtuous chocolate avocado pots which contain almost three quarters of your daily amount of fibre, full of healthy fats and tastes totally indulgent.

Just in time for the summer holidays, the ONIST bunch have just launched their canny avocado chocolate shots which are ideal for on-the-go family snacks and summertime picnics.

If you’re looking to keep the kids cool with a healthy snack over summer, why not try out our ONIST Frozen Fruit Cups

Makes 6 frozen fruit cups

Ingredients & Kit
3 x ONIST avocado choc shots
A handful of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries
A handful of nuts
A sprinkle of freeze dried raspberries / strawberries
A scattering of bronze crunch (available from Waitrose)
1 x teaspoon 
1 x pack of cupcake cases
1 x plate

1. Slice the berries and layer into the bottom of the cupcake cases.

2. Using half of your Onist avocado choc shot, squeeze into the cupcake case to cover the fruit and gently smooth the surface with the back of a teaspoon. Use the remaining half to full the second cupcake case. Repeat this step until all six cases are filled to the brim with chocolatey avocado goodness.

3. Get creative and decorate your cups with a smattering of freeze dried raspberries, bronze crunch, fruit and nuts. 

4. Pop the six decorated cupcake cases onto a plate and slide into the freezer…gently does it!

5. Leave the cups to freeze overnight (if you can resist) and when ready to eat, gently peel away the cupcake case and enjoy your ONIST frozen fruit cup.

Fancy tucking into more from ONIST – discover their range of products and shop the pots and shots here

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