The Together Table

Together Table

Sometimes we all need a chat. Whether it’s a moment to mull over motherhood or a conversation about something far-flung and fascinating – The Together Table is here to give parents a break from the daily mummy monologues. Founded by Tiny Table, this ground-breaking new initiative aims to turn the tables on loneliness experienced by new mums through talk and togetherness. 


Did you know that a colossal 80% of new mums say the sometimes feel lonely? The familiar daily grind of work stops, gossip turns to ga-ga and your sense of identity seems a far distant memory.

Unlike other mums meet ups, around THE TOGETHER TABLE mums pick the subject and together we get talking. From swaddling to social media – no topic is off limits and we may even invite an expert or two for our babe-friendly bitesized TINY TALKS. Partnering up with baby-friendly cafes – we’ll provide a trusted table in your neighbourhood, a little sensory stimulation for the babes all whilst we sip and spill the tea.

Open to mums with bump to babe in arms (upto 20 months), we believe that forging local friendships before babe can make those heady days post-birth a little more manageable, especially when 33% of new mums say they’re worried about “everything” on their first trips out of the house. If you’re too shy to speak to pram-pushing strangers, let us break the ice. Together we can change the conversation around loneliness and motherhood – welcome to The Together Table.

Leading the discussion around loneliness amongst new mums and social prescribing, Tiny Table founder – Nicola Wilson, was invited to discuss The Together Table with the breakfast host Vanessa Feltz.



A staggering eighty per cent of new mothers want more mum friends* – but thirty per cent have never started a conversation with another mother which led to them being friends. Together, we need to break the taboo around loneliness and new mums.

  • 53% of mums want more friends locally with whom to share problems and experiences
  • 61% try to hide their feelings from friends and family
  • Only 38 per cent have ever told their partner how they feel
  • 54% of mums feel more friendless than before they had children
  • 24% of new mums questioned said they had no family living nearby
  • More than half of parents said problems with low self confidence was a cause of loneliness, with well over half feeling lonely at the school gate (57%) or at playgroups (59%)


Did you know that a staggering 91 per cent of new mothers were “too busy” getting used to being a mum to eat “properly” in the early days? The Together Table aims give new mums a nutritional respite in the early days of motherhood.

  • In the first six months of being a new mum, half ate more takeaways, one third tucked into more fried foods, 45 per cent munched on more ready meals and 44 per cent consumed more crisps.
  • A whopping 78 per cent had days during the same period when they barely ate anything at all
  • One in four admitted they were not prepared for the negative effect having a baby would have on their diet.
  • More than a quarter were so exhausted with the added demands of parenthood they consumed foods which were quick and easy to prepare.


Findings from a survey conducted by Mush app indicate that a whopping 33% of new mums said they were worried about “everything” on their first trips out of the house with their baby. At Tiny Table, we aim to inspire, to delight and to unite parents who long for fuss-free dining with their little ones. The Together Table is designed to offer welcome seats for both mother and babe and are placed in an array of local eateries where dining out with the family is as easy as pie. If we can offer one less worry for new mamas, let’s make it a delicious one.


Fancy joining us around The Together Table? Click the button below to whizz over to our calendar of events.

The Together Table can be found in neighbourhoods baby-friendly cafes and restaurants across London and Hertfordshire. Running three to four tables a month for mums to chat, connect and combat loneliness in those early throws of motherhood. With mums praising The Together Table as ’…truly was an amazing way to meet new mums nearby’ and ‘…a safe, local space…where we could talk about anything and everything’.

Here’s a peek of previous Together Tables and the marvellous mamas and babes who joined us…

SOURCES: Mush survey, 2017 Mumsnet survey; A report looking into the impact of loneliness in children, young people and families – Jo Cox Loneliness & Action for Children; Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

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