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Suzy Pelta
Mama to three, Suzy Pelta, rose to fame after winning Lorraine’s Cake Club competition back in 2012 with her epic chocolate and banana cake laden with peanut butter frosting. Since then, Suzy has shared her baking secrets with her debut book ‘Miracle Mug Cakes and Other Cheat’s Bakes’, has her finger on the culinary pulse as one of The Metro’s food influential bloggers and is proudly Marie Curie’s Blooming Great Tea Party Queen and campaign cake creator.

Between food festivals (sneak a peek at what Suzy got up to at the Thame Food Festival here) and whipping up bakes for her brood, Suzy loves exploring new bites for her and her family across North West London…

1. I’d like a table for…
Five. Me, my husband and our three children. My son was an incredibly limited eater until he was 6. To go out now as a family and actually be able to eat in a restaurant is still a novelty to me! (Even though my son is now nearly 13!)

2. Early-birds catch the coffee at…
My house. I have my Nespresso machine ready to go and it’s saved me a fortune in takeaway coffee.

3. Best brunch with kids?
Brunch means pancakes right? Creams near us is a big winner. The menu is huge and we all spend ages deciding what to have.

4. Children’s menu must-visits…
Pizza Express is my children’s favourite restaurant. It’s consistent, there is something they will all eat, and in our local branch they have an area where the kids can play with pizza dough and watch the chefs at work.

5. Where do you grab a bite with mums en masse?
The Nascot Arms in Watford is a tasty Thai restaurant tucked away in a busy pub. The food is outstanding and it’s always packed. I also love going for curries at Cannons Tandoori. The staff are so friendly and don’t mind that my friends and I spend ages eating poppadoms before we even get around to ordering our main courses!

6. Hidden gem for treating tiny ones?
Kiyoto in Borehamwood and Mill Hill is absolutely delicious. Freshly made sushi and larger dishes and they couldn’t be more accommodating towards children.

7. Best piece of advice for dining out with kids?
When my children were younger, I used to have bags of colouring and stickers in my boot, ready for any restaurant experience. Now, it’s actually a pleasure to sit and talk with them at the table. We don’t eat out often enough so it still feels like a treat.

8. Date night – takeaway or take me out?
Oh I do love a Thai or Indian takeaway, a good comedy film and a glass of wine (or two).

9. My earliest food memory…
Friday nights were always a night we would eat together as a family and we would have a traditional Jewish Sabbath dinner – Chicken Soup, Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes and Vegetables followed by a dessert that was usually chocolatey. This is a tradition that I continue with my own children.

10. Five mums, one table – who’s joining you?
Five of my closest friends. I’m very lucky in that I have really good, really fun friends who enjoy food, wine and a gossip. Did I mention that there should be wine?


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