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Corner Kitchen

With four toddlers and over twenty years in the hospitality industry under their belts, foodie-mamas Misty and Bethany know a thing or two when it comes to crafting a child-friendly eatery, enter their fifth babe – a Neapolitan neighbourhood pizzeria.

Corner Kitchen is cosy spot in the heart of Forest Gate which serves up artisan meats, Italian cheeses, hearty pastas and kicking authentic Neopolitan pizzas (gluten and lactose free options available). Whilst we could wax lyrical about the fennel sausage spiked pizzas and heavenly burrata, let’s focus on the little people. Serving up free kids mains with every adult main meal between 3-6pm, the Corner Kitchen’s mini menu is a triumph. Weaning babes will love the cool cucumber and pear with yoghurt dip, kids can feast on crispy veggie croquettes, a soothing chicken pasta broth, comfort food classic mac’n’cheese and of course, mini classic pizzas. Sugar-free puds include fruit and nut balls, banana muffins and giant honey, oat and raisin cookies.  Did we mention that Corner Kitchen has an incredible basement playground? Vintage Fisher Price toys fill the toy box, crayons and colouring books ready for doodling dolls and there’s also mini pizziaolo birthday parties for budding chefs in the making.

Tots by day, tonics by night – call in the babysitter as there’s craft beer, bio-dynmaic wine and classic cocktails to boot. Make it a Monday and there’s also 50% off Neapolitan pizzas when you eat in after 7pm. With craft workshops for mums en masse and live music, Corner Kitchen is so much more than your local pizza joint.

From enduring food memories to what’s up next for the Corner Kitchen, we took ten with founders Bethany and Misty to discover more about this East London local fit for family feasting…

 1.  What was your inspiration behind Corner Kitchen?
We really wanted to create a great local Neapolitan pizzeria which showcased our interest in the low intervention wine industry and encapsulated our respect for sustainability.

2. Whats your menu must-try?
We’re a pizzeria so it has to be pizza, our vegan ‘no cheese’ pizza is surprisingly good and we think it showcases the quality of our ingredients. However, if you’re with friends do order some small plates to share as we feel this brings the fun to eating out.

3. Kids menu or go with the grown ups?
As we have four toddlers under 5 between us (five if you include Corner Kitchen and another one on the way), we put a lot of thought into the kids menu. There is no sugar and as with everything on our menu it is made in house from locally sourced free range produce where possible (our salami’s and cheeses come from artisans in Italy!) So definitely our little people’s menu for them if they’re under 5 and then depends on their appetite.

4. What was your favourite restaurant to dine out at as a child?
I spent some time living in Berlin when I was younger, and whilst there we had a tradition every Saturday night- we’d walk from our apartment down the Main Street in central Berlin watching the street performers, before ending up in a tiny pizzeria off one of the busy squares. It had about 12 seats, and I can still remember the smell as you walked in. We’d always order the same pizzas (ham and pineapple for me!) then finish off with caramel fudge ice cream on the way home. Some things never change!

Misty: I remember it being a big treat to go to Ed’s Diner on the King’s Road, crossing the river, felt like you were transported to 1950’s American diner, you could pick songs on the jukebox they had at each booth where we’d order milkshakes and burgers always extra pickles for me. I think my little people will probably remember pizzas with ears!’

5. First food memory growing up… 
Bethany: Mine are all in the kitchen – my mum is a fantastic cook, and many of my favourite memories revolve around baking, stirring, whisking and cooking by her side. Earliest memory is another tradition- making Christmas  pudding every October half term. It’s something I now do with my own daughter, and the beginning of Christmas in our house.

Misty: A GIANT ice-cream sundae for my birthday, hopefully that’s how grown ups feel when they order a banoffee pie sundae off our menu, even the caramel sauce is homemade….our ice-cream is the only thing we don’t make from scratch and is from Jude’s a family company based on a dairy farm in Sussex’

6. Tell us what is next for Corner Kitchen…
We’ve got a great panelled private dining room and walled garden where we hosts parties, so far everything in from 1st to 90th birthdays to wedding breakfasts and wakes. We do bespoke pizza dough classes with our chefs or wine tasting events and this is what we’re focusing on as parties are always different and fun. So do just email us at if you’re planning a get together as we’d love to help.

Corner Kitchen, 58. Woodgrange, Forest Gate, E7 0QH


Photo credit: Sarah Letchford

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