Tell Your Friends Kids Eat FREE

The sisters Watson, Lucy and Tiffany, may have broken a few hearts and given side-eye a plenty in Channel 4’s Made in Chelsea, but these days the sibling duo you’re more likely to find the girls in the kitchen than throwing shade at the bar. Their virtuous vegan venture Tell Your Friends is nestled in the heart of the New King’s Road and serves up an array of ethnically sourced, fresh plant based dishes. The TYF basement also doubles up as a yoga studio for mamas seeking a little tranquility and me-time in SW London.

Having embraced a vegan lifestyle for a number of years and penned several books extolling the wonders of clean eating, Lucy and Tiffany have crafted a menu which brings together flavours from across the world, be it great British comfort dishes such as their popular Fish & Chips, a breaded aubergine fillet, chips and peas, to a taste of Italy – plump arancini filled with cashew cream cheese, sun blush tomato dressed with spinach and kale pesto. Brunch sees baked sweet potato toast topped with almond butter, banana, blueberries and maple syrup and a super chia pudding with mama and lucuma infused almond milk, berry compote and smattered with granola.

For families seeking out a nutritious and vegan-friendly early-bird bite over August, kids now eat free until 5pm each and every day at Tell Your Friends and let me tell you, the menu is a corker! Child friendly classics with a twist include Jackfruit ‘chicken nuggets’ and chips, Cashew mac’n’cheese (spoon-lickingly good stuff), House bangers and beans and a super-simple tomato and basil pasta. For pud? There’s chocolate and banana finger sandwiches or scoops of vegan gelato. Cold pressed juices and super smoothies will fill your tots with their fix of their five-a-day and mums-to-be will adore TYF’s Seedlip mocktails bursting with berries, botanicals and fizz. A virtuous, family-friendly find worth checking out over the summer holidays.

Jackfruit ‘chicken nuggets’, chips and tomato sauce 
Cashew mac’n’cheese 
House ‘sausage’, chips and beans
Tomato & basil pasta
Chocolate banana finger sandwiches 
Ice cream 

175 New Kings Rd, London, SW6 4SW

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