Healthy Family Breakfasts In Crouch End

Cafe Beam

If like us, the mini-heatwave led to multiple Magnum munching, BBQs galore and the odd al-fresco Pimms once the tots were tucked up then it’s time to embrace a new week with a glut of the good stuff! We’ve been mooching around North London this week to bring you the best healthy family breakies going in Crouch End…

Cafe Beam
Food and family are at the heart of everything at Cafe Beam. Established by mother and son team native to N8, this award-winning independent cafe has families flocking for as shot or two of their Allpress coffee and a bite. A middle eastern classic, a hearty dish of Shakshuka will have you wide awake! Free range eggs leisurely cook in a spice infused tomato sauce flecked with peppers, onions and a sprinkle of cheese for bite. With lycopene laden tomatoes, vitamin C rich peppers and eggs being a vital source of vitamin D, add a little light to your break routine with Cafe Beam’s scrumptious Shakshuka.
40-41 Topsfield Parade, N8 8PT

Edith’s House
Fancy breakfast at Edith’s House? Take a peek into Edith’s and you’ll not only be treated to true nana nostalgia but a warm family hug in the heart of Crouch End. Created by owners Eaton and and Michael, Edith’s House pays homage to all that is wonderful about eating at your Nan’s. Utterly child friendly, the menu is not only rooted in traditional home cooked comfort but also showcases a superb range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Go all out with their vegan cooked breakfast – a chickpea and cashew nut patty loaded with roasted red pepper, garlicky kale, hummus soldiers and oodles of baked beans. Fussy little ones? Mama and papas can build their own breakfast bundle for a bespoke breaky of champions.
59 The Broadway, Crouch End, N8 8DT

The Haberdashery
There’s something reassuring about tucking into a warm bowl of porridge in the mornings. High in fibre and protein, this breakfast in not only bountiful in nutritional goodness but will pack you with energy into the early afternoon. Whether you choose to pimp up your porridge or go for the purists choice, The Haberdashery’s warming bowl of oats can be dressed with plump poached pears, blueberries, banana and prunes. Those who like to keep things simple, drizzle on a litle honey and dash of fiery cinnamon.
22 Middle Lane, London, N8 8PL

Gail’s Bakery

Family favourite and aritsan bakery, Gail’s, is the perfect pitstop to fuel up for the day ahead. If you can resist the oodles of delicious crusty loaves and buttery-rich croissants glowing golden then bravo! Those gluten-free will adore Gail’s sweetcorn pancakes which grace their breakfast menu. This colourful morning treat is suped-up with a host of B-complex vitamins and antioxidants thanks to the core ingredient – sweetcorn. Sweet and spicy, these moorish pancakes are spiked with coriander & red chilli and loaded up with an extra veggie hit thanks to the fresh tomato relish, avocado salsa and peppery coriander cress.
48 The Broadway, London, N8 9TP

Coffee Circus
If you breakfast through bleary eyes then hot-foot it over to Crouch End’s Coffee Circus. This bijoux coffee shop will awaken your senses with the finest brews from artisan roaster BeanWanders. One cup of joe in the morning contains essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin B2, B5, Manganese and Potassium. Still hankering after something more? Then grab a bowl of the guys organic granola. Smattered with extra nuts and seeds, you’ll get your daily hit of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for heart health and a dollop of fresh yoghurt will bump up your calcium intake ensuring a gleaming smile and super-strong bones.
136 Crouch Hill, London, N8 9DX

Photo credit: Cafe Beam

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