Making a nod to Indian tradition, mealtimes at Dishoom are centred around sharing. Whilst younger guests are welcome to order from our main menu, just like the grown-ups, Dishoom’s children’s menu has been designed with chote (little) Dishoom-wallas in mind – smaller portions, very little spice, but just as nice. Tender Murgh Malai – a sweet and mild tender grilled chicken thigh, traditional paneer cheese tikka and a meaty white talipia fish fillet marinaded in yoghurt are all served with moreish Bombay potatoes, Dishoom slaw and a glass of fruit juice. An accessible and adventurous foray into the world of Indian cuisine the whole family can enjoy.

Chote Dishoom-Wallas Menu
One plate meals for little Dishoom-wallas served with Bombay potatoes, Dishoom slaw, and a glass of fruit juice.
Murgh Malai – Mild, tender grilled chicken thigh 7.50
Paneer Tikka – Tasty Indian cheese and peppers (V) 7.50
Mahi Tikka – White fish fillet (tilapia) in a yoghurty marinade 7.50

The Details
Where: Various locations across London – Covent Garden, King’s Cross, Carnaby Street, Shoreditch, Kensington
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