Delicious Doughnuts


We adore Hanukkah, not only is it customary to eat foods made with cheese but also fried in oil. Commemorating the miracle of one night of oil lasting for eight, a customary festival treat is the ‘Sufganiyah’ – a fried, pillowy doughnut filled with oozy, sweet raspberry jam. If you’re celebrating eight days of gifting and pure gastronomic greatness with the family – chag Chanukah sameach.

Inspired by this ubiquitous Hanukkah treat, we’re gifting you four of our favourite doughnut spots in and around London the family will adore…

You Doughnut

Perfect for dinky fingers, treat little ones to artisan doughnuts made by the lovely Betsy & Jo. Hunt them down at KERB Kings Cross and London Union’s Dinerama and don’t forget the squidge of chocolate sauce and smattering of sprinkles for good measure.

Crosstown Doughnuts
X marks the spot! Handmade in our fine city, tuck into a Chanukah classic – the fresh raspberry jam filled doughnut, rolled in caster sugar and dipped in sweet, freeze-dried raspberries to seal in the jammy goodness. Families seeking a vegan sweet treat will adore Crosstown’s vegan chocolate truffle – egg and butter are substituted for chia seeds and coconut butter…who said doughnuts can’t be virtuous?

Rinkoff Bakery
Established in 1911 by Hyman Rinkoff, who came to London from Kiev, the Rinkoff Bakery not only bakes a cracking Challah but their the Croudoughs (croissant meets doughnut) are second to none. Kids choice – the S’more, a nutella and marshmallow marvel, for grown-ups opt for the indulgent salted caramel with pistachio.

The Pudding Stop
Out of towners, skip on over to St Alban’s must-visit The Pudding Stop – there’s puds a plenty and the counter is topped with irresistible jam and rich custard doughnuts oozing with deliciousness. Be warned, this bijoux spot gets busy and the seats are sparse so if you’re in tow with little ones timing is everything!

Photo credit: Crosstown Doughnuts

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